Wedding Planning Guide (Part 1)

Getting married is a wonderful occasion, out of the box the look and preparation because of it all. The lead approximately the important day can from time to time be stressful, with so much to recollect it can be easy to lose track of things. One way to help relieve this and help you along your journey would be to devise a marriage checklist. It may sound somewhat nerdy but making a spreadsheet or even a simple list allows you to hold an eye on whatever you have inked and what still needs doing, in addition to keeping on top of any spiralling costs. It will also help stop any last minute panicking a couple of days before your wedding day.

White, Red and Blue are certainly not your usual wedding ceremony colours but look so striking together. Go shopping for white wedding gowns or why not pick a striking red wedding dress often available winter or valentines weddings. Alternatively why not choose a dress that has beading, embroidery or possibly a sash belt or bow in the red or blue colour.

Forgetting about your budget- I know that it is your wedding day and also you would like your wedding, bear in mind your budget you place for yourselves. Ask yourselves if you will find any corners you are able to cut. You can do this by looking into making a summary of 'Must Haves' and a listing of 'Can do Without's,' Once you have the items in your 'Must Have' list, then in case your budget permits, you are able to start working in your 'Can Do Without' list.

For many wedding planners the week before the event is both the most stressful, and more interesting time of the planning process. It is extremely common for brides, and frequently bride's mother too, to completely lose their heads in the week leading up to the ceremony. This is the time for the wedding coordinator to shine. By holding the bride's hand, ensuring every piece is within its place, and verifying that appointments are created and kept, you'll solidify your place like a recommendation that bride gives to all of her friends.

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